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The man was having pain in his stomach, such a thing came out from inside, even the doctors were surprised, no one had imagined!

Written by on March 25, 2024

The human body is so strange that no matter how much research one does about its functioning, one cannot know it accurately. Some things always come to light that we have not even imagined. A similar case has come to light from Vietnam. What was found in a person’s stomach here was shocking to the doctors.

Doctors shocked to find a 32 cm live eel inside Vietnamese man's rectum,  perform emergency surgery | Trending - Hindustan Times

This case came to light from the medical centre of Hai Ha district of Vietnam. A 34-year-old man came here complaining of stomach ache. What the doctors saw in his intestine during the examination here was beyond their imagination. They could not understand where this thing reached inside the stomach.

Chinese man, 68, has a chopstick stuck in his belly after inserting it into  his backside | Daily Mail Online

According to the report of Oddity Central, the man was in so much pain that the hospital staff did not ask him much and started taking his X-ray. During Astra Sound, they saw some foreign objects in the person’s intestine. The doctors decided that they would have to do surgery to take it out. Since this foreign object was causing damage to the person’s intestine, they tried to remove this object from inside his stomach during the surgery. After opening the stomach, even the doctors were stunned by what they saw inside.

Surgeons pull 30cm long live eel from man's stomach | Weird News | Metro  News

Doctors found nothing but a 30 cm long live eel inside the man’s intestine. After taking out the eel, he surgically removed the infected area from the man. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and now the patient’s condition is stable. Doctors said that the animal might have entered through the man’s anus, which had reached his intestine. However, the shocking thing was that the animal was still alive after going inside.

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