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An elderly American tourist was killed after an “aggressive” bull elephant attacked a vehicle during a game drive in Zambia, the safari operator said. The incident took place Saturday morning at Kafue National Park in Zambia, a Lusaka police spokesperson confirmed to ABC News. Gail Mattson was confirmed by the family as the victim. “An […]

In the field of livestock auctions, a new record has been set that has attracted the attention of livestock lovers and the general public alike. A Nellore cow, known as Viatina-19 FIV Mara Imoveis, is the most expensive cow ever sold. She achieved an incredible price of 40 Crore Indian Rupees or USD$4.8 million (FD$ […]

It is said that humans are also like animals, only they live in society and they have intelligence as well as discretion, due to which they are considered different from them. If he is removed from humans and left with animals since childhood, he will also start behaving like them. Today we will tell you […]

In a unique case, a stingray fish was in a home’s fish tank for 8 years. But now she is going to give birth to four children. Now the officials are surprised as to who could be the father of her children. A very unusual case of pregnancy has been seen not in humans but […]

Taking inspiration from the unsung heroes of Ramayana to convey the message of commitment and devotion, the Lucknow division of Northern Railway will soon be unveiling a 15-foot tall Corten steel squirrel at the atrium centre space of Ayodhya Dham junction. Lord Rama needed to build a bridge across the sea to Lanka to rescue […]

The venom of one of the most dangerous scorpions on the planet is the most valuable liquid in the world as it’s got so many more uses than just killing someone. Pretty much everything is getting more expensive these days so it’s always handy to keep your eye on a list of potential side hustles […]

The Ayam Cemani chicken is steeped in mysticism and prized in its native land of Java for its magic blood. It is rather unusual, having entirely black feathers, black comb, black skin, black meat, black internal organs, and even black bones. The Ayam Cemani is a rare chicken breed from Java in Indonesia. The word […]

In nature, there are many ways to protect yourself from potential predators: armour, poison, noxious smell, size or speed, etc. But perhaps no form of protection is as cunning as a disguise. Insects, whose body form has allowed for an impressive array of biological mimicry and deception, make particularly good use of camouflage. Some of […]

One of the more amazing facts about animals is how so many of them use camouflage to either hide from predators or even hide from potential prey. A well-camouflaged animal simply blends into its surroundings, whether it is the ocean floor, the forest floor, or the leaves or bark of a tree. Sometimes, animal camouflage […]

The giraffe is the world’s tallest living animal, with an adult male Giraffa Over the years, many animals have broken world records by performing tricks. Dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, and even guinea pigs are all part of the Guinness World Records family. However, for the first time ever, a cow has joined their ranks. Ghost, a four-year-old Charolais cow owned […]