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No contact with anyone for 8 years, she is going to be the mother of 4 children

Written by on February 16, 2024

In a unique case, a stingray fish was in a home’s fish tank for 8 years. But now she is going to give birth to four children. Now the officials are surprised as to who could be the father of her children.

A very unusual case of pregnancy has been seen not in humans but in animals. Officials of an aquarium in North Carolina, America, were shocked when they came to know that a huge stingray kept at their place was pregnant and was soon going to give birth to four children. The surprising thing is that he has been away from other fish of his species for 8 years and is living alone in a fish tank. In such a situation, the officials are worried wondering who is the father of the fish’s offspring.

यह स्टिंगरे किसी दूसरे नर तो क्या अपनी प्रजाति की किसी भी दूसरी स्टिंगरे के संपर्क में नहीं आई थी. (प्रतीकात्मक तस्वीर: Wikimedia Commons)

This fish is 3700 kilometers away from its natural habitat which is in the sea of ​​Southern California. But this stingray has not shared its fish tank with any male of its species for the last 8 years. In such a situation, her pregnancy is very surprising which has troubled the authorities.

Brenda Ramer, executive director of Hendersonville’s Aquarium and Shark Lab, is also quite surprised by this. Only last week the team here had announced on social media that the stingray named Charlotte is pregnant. In the post, the aquarium described this pregnancy case as a once-in-a-lifetime scientific mystery.

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In the same post, it is revealed that there has never been a male stingray in this fish tank, yet Charlotte became pregnant. The aquarium posted a photo of Charlotte and Dr. Robert Jones of Australia’s Jewett Aquarium said in a post that an ultrasound test had confirmed her pregnancy.

Dr. Jones’ post explains what could be the reason for Charlotte becoming pregnant in this way. According to the AP, some reports have refuted this claim, but some experts say Charlotte cannot mate and breed with any of the aquarium’s five smaller sharks.

There is also a possibility that Charlotte may become pregnant due to parthenogenesis. In this, the female clones herself without fertilization. This happens in many insects, fish, amphibians, and birds, but not in mammals.

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