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A man who lived for 82 years died without ever knowing what a woman looked like. According to UniLad, Mihailo Tolotos, from Halkidiki, Greece, only learned about the existence of women from peers, as well as through descriptions in books. He is thought to have been born in 1856, but shortly after giving birth to […]

Cross-dressing is generally not received well, but at the Kottankulangara Devi temple at Chavara near here, it’s different — hundreds of men cutting across religions dress up like women as part of a traditional ritual to please the deity and get their wishes fulfilled. Incidentally, this is the only temple in Kerala with no roof […]

There is an old belief that after death the brain starts deteriorating rapidly. Even after the post-mortem report, such claims have been made many times. But the things that have come to light now will overturn all these notions. Scientists have identified more than 4,400 human brains preserved in astonishing condition in the archaeological record. […]

India is a country full of diversity where the wonders of extreme faith are visible which are beyond scientific arguments. This element of extreme faith and surprise can be observed in many amazing temples here. One such wonderful temple is the famous temple of Simsa Mata which is situated at a beautiful place called Simsa […]

All the countries in the world have different laws, which have been made considering the civilization, culture and customs of the people there. Many laws are bizarre and when people come to know about them, they get surprised. One such law (Ban on Death) is of a city, where the government has banned the death […]

Have you ever heard Indian Holi folk songs? If yes then have you ever thought why the Holi folk songs are sung in a very different way where the stanzas are repeated multiple times and the rhythm frequency changes frequently? Let’s educate society about why Holi folk song stanzas are repeated multiple times and do […]

From ‘Sholay’ to ‘Pathan’, from ‘Aradhana’ to ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, many such films have been made in India which became such big hits that they are kept in the category of blockbuster films. These films entertained the audience a lot, and because of them a trend started in society and they also earned a […]

The festival of Holi is celebrated with great pomp across the country. Holika Dahan is done before playing Holi. In Holika Dahan, the story of King Hiranyakashyap and devotee Prahlad is heard and Holika is presented as a villain. But there is a theological story in which she is a helpless lover who embraces death […]

There are many trees in the world that will surprise you, But there is also a tree whose height makes even Qutub Minar and the Statue of Liberty look dwarf. Do you know its name? Everyone is curious to know about the wonders of the world. There are 7 wonders on earth, about which most […]

In China, this dish is called Suodiu. This dish is popular throughout China, but people of Central China eat it more. It is said that this is a traditional dish of China and it also has many medical benefits. In China, this dish is called Suodiu. This dish is popular throughout China, but people of […]