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That famous place in the world, where no one has died for 100 years, what is the reason for this?

Written by on March 19, 2024

All the countries in the world have different laws, which have been made considering the civilization, culture and customs of the people there. Many laws are bizarre and when people come to know about them, they get surprised. One such law (Ban on Death) is of a city, where the government has banned the death of people.Longyearbyen: The town where dying is forbidden - OrissaPOST

When people enter the jaws of death, they are removed from this place, and if a person dies due to some disease or other reason, then they are immediately taken to a distance of about 2000 km from the city and buried. After all, where is this place…let us tell you.Tour of Longyearbyen, the World's Northermost Town - YouTube

The city of Longyearbyen, Norway is situated in the Arctic Circle. This place remains very cold. You will be surprised that the minimum temperature here goes up to -46 degrees and the maximum goes up to 3-7 degrees. In such a situation, you can understand the terrible temperature here. But because of this temperature, this strange rule has been made.death ban

According to the report of Times of India, the Norwegian government made this strange law in the year 1950, under which no one could die in this area, nor could dead people be buried. To do this, one had to travel to the mainland of Norway, which is 2000 km away. Now the question arises why was such a rule made?

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Due to extreme cold, this area is always covered with thick sheets of snow. Because of this, when the dead body is buried here, the corpse does not rot and the skin remains in its original form for years. It was found in reports that centuries-old viruses and bacteria were found safe in that area. In such a situation, the danger to the people there may increase due to these viruses. This is the only reason why the government made this rule and asked people to bury their dead bodies far away. Stay connected for such interesting facts.



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