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Simsa Mata: After Sleeping in the Temple, She Gives Blessings of Getting Pregnant in Dreams.

Written by on March 21, 2024

India is a country full of diversity where the wonders of extreme faith are visible which are beyond scientific arguments. This element of extreme faith and surprise can be observed in many amazing temples here. One such wonderful temple is the famous temple of Simsa Mata which is situated at a beautiful place called Simsa in Lad-Bhadol tehsil of the Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh.

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Goddess Simsa is also known as Santan-Datri and the miracle of this Devi Dham is that the Goddess fills the empty lap of childless women.

Today we will tell you about this miraculous temple, in front of which even science has succumbed and women from far and wide come to sleep in this temple with the desire to have a child.

Miraculous Simsa Mata Temple mandi

It is believed that by sleeping in this temple the Goddess blesses women to become pregnant, which is why childless women from far away come to this temple.

Salindra festival is celebrated here during Navratras when hundreds of childless women from neighbouring states Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh turn towards this temple wishing to have children.

Miraculous Simsa Mata Temple mandi

It is believed that women who come to the temple with reverence for Goddess Simsa, the goddess blesses them with children by giving them darshan in human form or symbolic form in their dreams.

Goddess Simsa Gives Fruits to Women in Dreams

According to belief, if any woman receives any tuber-root or fruit in her dream, she gets the blessings of a child. Even Goddess Simsa indicates the sex determination of the child to come.

For example, if a woman gets guava fruit, that indicates that there will be a boy. If someone gets a ladyfinger in her dream, that symbolizes that she will get a girl child.

If someone receives an object made of metal, wood, or stone, it is believed that she will not have children. It is believed that if a woman has received a sign of childlessness, she is forbidden to stay on the premises of the temple.


It is said that even after getting the dream of remaining childless, if a woman does not remove her bed and leave the temple premises, then red spots emerge on her body, which is very itchy. She is forced to leave from there.

There is a Miraculous Stone Near the Temple

There is a miraculous stone placed near this temple. If you want to move this stone with both hands, it will not move but if you move it with the smallest finger of your hand, it will move.

MATA SIMSA TEMPLE Famous Stone | Divine mother, Shakti, Divine feminine


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