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I walked on all fours & barked after being raised by wild dogs

Written by on February 20, 2024

It is said that humans are also like animals, only they live in society and they have intelligence as well as discretion, due to which they are considered different from them. If he is removed from humans and left with animals since childhood, he will also start behaving like them. Today we will tell you the story of a woman’s daughter related to this.

Oxana Malaya was rescued from a dog kennel at the age of eight having been raised by dogs

According to the report, what happened to the girl from Ukraine was very different. When she was young, she was taken away from her parents and left to live with the dogs at home. The result was that she started walking and barking like dogs and eating things on the ground.

Oxana had many canine traits including running on all fours, barking and hiding objects

This story is about a Ukrainian girl named Oksana Malaya. His alcoholic father and mother forced him to live with the family dogs because they were unable to take care of him. Both of them were drunk and had many children, so they handed over 3-year-old Oksana to the dogs of the house. When she felt cold, she went to the dogs’ kennel and then started living with them. While living with the dogs, all of Oksana’s habits became the same. Be it walking on four legs, barking, eating or roaming around.

Even years later Oxsana held onto some of her canine traits

Social service people saw Oksana in 1991 when she had lived with dogs for 6 years. She adjusted to humans but many of her habits were similar to those of dogs.

By the time she was rescued, she had already lost the ability to speak and was running around on all fours and panting and barking like a dog. She ate off the floor, lacked basic human skills and even cleaned herself in the same way as her canine friends. Despite being taken into a foster home and learning how to walk and hold a conversation she still held on to some of her canine behaviours. She hid items away much like a dog and doctors said it would be unlikely that she would ever be fully rehabilitated.

Experts say Oxana has the mental capacity of a 6-year-old after failing to pick up basic human skills during her key critical learning period

Now Oksana is 43 years old and she lives like a normal person but she says that whenever she feels lonely, she spends time with dogs. Oksana, who works in the fields, says that sometimes she starts walking on four legs but no one can see her.

Oxana now lives in a care home and spends her time looking after animals

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