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Cloud seeding almost certainly did not play a significant role in the flooding on the Arabian peninsula this week – but the heavy rains may have been exacerbated by climate change. Record rainfall hit the Arabian peninsula this week, causing flooding in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as other coastal cities in the United […]

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked Taiwan on Wednesday, the strongest tremor to hit the island in at least 25 years, killing four people, injuring dozens and sparking a tsunami warning for southern Japan and the Philippines that was later lifted. Taiwan’s government said four people had died in the mountainous, sparsely populated eastern county of […]

Six pilgrims perished in Mauritius on Sunday during a religious ceremony commemorating a Hindu festival, as confirmed by the police. As reported by AFP, the incident unfolded when a wooden and bamboo cart carrying statues of Hindu gods ignited upon contact with live electrical cables, explained Police Commissioner Anil Kumar Dip during a televised address. […]

The death toll from fast-moving wildfires on Hawaii’s Maui island rose Thursday, with at least 53 people now confirmed dead, officials said. One blaze, which nearly destroyed the historic town of Lahaina, was said to be 80% contained earlier in the day. Officials had earlier warned the death toll could continue to go up, with […]

  The five passengers on the Titan submersible that was diving 13,000 feet to view the Titanic on the ocean floor died in a “catastrophic implosion,” authorities said Thursday, bookending an extraordinary five-day international search operation near the site of the world’s most famous shipwreck. The tail cone and other debris were found by a […]

Russia-Ukraine crisis: US and Ukrainian officials say Russia aims to capture Kyiv and topple the government. The Russian and Ukrainian governments on Friday signalled an openness to negotiations even as a UN security action was blocked by Moscow as expected and authorities in Kyiv urged citizens to help defend the capital from advancing Russian forces. […]