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Easy Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Aging Hair

Written by on August 3, 2022

5 Signs Your Hair And Scalp Is Aging

1. Fix Your Diet
Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet! Protein is key for healthy hair and nail growth, so make sure you’re eating lean protein and drinking plenty of water too!

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2. Get Regular Trims
Getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks can help promote healthy hair growth. It’s also a great opportunity to try out a new haircut that can help your hair appear thicker!
3. Be Gentle
Our hair gets thinner, drier, and more brittle as we age. When it comes to caring for this type of hair, a gentle approach is key!
Avoid aggressive styling techniques and harsh chemical treatments, and wear your hair down as much as possible. And try not to take really hot showers, since hot water can strip the natural oils from your hair.
4. Use Light Hold Products
Hairsprays that offer strong-, ultra-, or mega-hold are often really drying because of their high alcohol content. Instead, opt for light hold hair products
5. Remove Residue
When you do want to go heavier on your hair products, make sure to remove all that product residue from your hair.


6. Wash Less
Washing your hair removes the natural oils that hydrate your tresses, so washing less often can help reduce dryness. Use a dry shampoo between washes to help keep your hair looking fresh and clean!
7. Brush With Caution
Did you know that your hair is actually a lot more fragile when it’s wet than when it’s dry? For that reason, it’s best to proceed with caution around wet hair!
Brush your hair before showering, and keep combing to a minimum afterwards (at least until it’s dry.)

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8. Use A T-Shirt Wrap
Another way to minimize damage to your fragile wet hair is to wrap it up in a t-shirt instead of a bath towel.
9. Treat Your Hair
Conditioning treatments can do wonders for thin, aging hair, and they’re easy to do at home! You just let it sit in your hair for about half an hour before washing it out. It is super hydrating and leaves my hair feeling so soft!
10. Talk To Your Doctor
If your hair is particularly thin or is thinning at a concerning rate, you may want to talk to your doctor. Certain health conditions and medications can contribute to hair loss, and your doctor can help you decide how to deal with those effects.
11. Embrace The Gray!
I think you should wear your hair in whatever style, color, or cut makes you feel your very best! But it’s also important to be aware that getting your hair dyed can be hard on it, especially if it’s drier and thinner than it used to be.
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