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Eclipse – Meaning of Dream

Written by on August 22, 2022

When the dragon ate the sun: how ancient peoples interpreted solar eclipses  - Vox

Eclipse in the dream, is a symbol of sadness and completion of the deals. If you dream of an eclipse, you can expect that something important in your life will finish soon. It may end up temporarily or permanently, it depends on you.

Eclipse could also mean that you are experiencing a run of bad luck. If you dream that you see the eclipse, it means that soon you will be sad or will cry.

If in a dream eclipse is immediately replaced by the sun, it is a sign that you are able to overcome all the difficulties and return to normal life.

If a woman had a dream about eclipse, she should be ready for completion of important cases. If recently she worked hard over the execution of a task, it is obvious that this task will be successfully completed. Eclipse in a dream, for woman, could spell her bitter tears. Most likely, it will be associated with the beloved one or her children.

If you dream of the sun, which you cover with your hands, it means that only you are guilty in own troubles.

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