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Goat cries and hugs owner as he tries to sell it. Heartbreaking viral video

Written by on July 20, 2022

A heart-wrenching video of a goat crying and hugging its owner after being sold has gone viral online and has moved netizens to tears.


  • A video of a goat crying like a human has gone viral.
  • Actually, the goat was being sold and couldn’t handle parting from its owner.
  • The viral clip has over 64k views.

There are a plethora of instances and videos on the internet that show the bond between a human and an animal. Sometimes those clips leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling and other times they can make you cry. We have a similar video with us of a goat crying like a human while parting with its owner and it has made the internet emotional.

The now-viral video was shared on Twitter by Ramasubramanian V Harikumar. In the short clip, a goat can be seen hugging its owner and crying like a human while parting from him. It was actually brought to be sold in the market. However, as soon as the goat started wailing, its owner and other people around too were moved to tears.

“Goat brought to be sold hugs owner, cries like human,” reads the caption of the post. “Even animals who can’t speak have feelings and emotions. Despite not being able to speak, they love their owner dearly. When separated from the owner, their soul hurts,” it reads further.

After being shared online, the video garnered over 64k views. Netizens were incredibly moved after watching the heart-wrenching clip.

“Very hurtful, broke my heart,” a user wrote.

Another user commented, “Obviously, the owner is upset as well. We don’t know his situation. He may need money to keep his family afloat or for a dowry for his daughter.”

“I really cried after watching this video,” a third user remarked.


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