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How To Grow Thick Eyebrows, Long Lashes & Beard.

Written by on June 2, 2022

Below is a quick and easy remedy on how we can achieve thick beautiful Eyelashes, Eyebrows & remove beard patches in a short time. Castor oil relieves dry skin and clears warts and blemishes. It also promotes hair growth. It is thick to apply but it can really make a difference with the help of Vitamin E as it helps the skin in absorbing it.
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How to prepare serum:
  1. Take 4 tablespoons of Castor oil & 4 tablespoons of Vitamin E Oil or Almond Oil.
  2. Mix them well together as a serum and use either with a clean new mascara applicator or you can purchase small Roll-On bottles from pharmacies. Pack it in the bottle and simply roll to apply the serum to your eyebrows.
For EyeBrows:
  • Use the roll-on bottle and simply roll to apply the serum to your eyebrows or use the mascara applicator, dip it in the serum and brush over your eyebrows.How to Get Thick Eyebrows: 5 Ways to Thicker Brows | IPSY
For EyeLashes:
  • Use a mascara brush & apply the same oil to your eyelashes using the mascara brush so it is well applied, just as how we apply mascara.
  • In case the serum does get into your eyes, please do not panic as it is safe and does not have any side effects. Instead, it can help you have a good night’s sleep.
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For Man Beards:
  • They can simply use the same serum, using a think brush/hairbrush to apply on their beards to help with weak hair growth or loss of bear hair in patches. This remedy works wonders for hair growth.
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What is best to be avoided:
  • It is best to use the serum/oil overnight so that we don’t have to apply it during the day in case you need to go out because castor oil is thick and sticky. Applying during the day can cause a lot of dirt and germs to stick onto our skin and block the pores which will then lead to acne, breakouts, and bad skin texture.


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