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Look young even after aging

Written by on June 7, 2023

There is nothing wrong with ageing – ageing is a privilege that some people don’t get. Having said that I do think you can age well. lifestyle was shown to be a far bigger factor in how well we age than genetic influences.

Women Who Age Slowly Use SPF every day

Women Who Age Slowly Use SPF every day
Sun damage is the number one cause of wrinkles. UV rays also lead to age spots and other types of discolouration on the skin.
A study carried out on 298 Caucasian women from 30 years to 78 years old, showed that UV exposure was responsible for 80% of visible facial ageing signs.
2. Women Who Age Slowly Strive to Breathe Cleaner Air
The quality of the air we breathe in big cities has become seriously compromised, and traffic exhaust is one of the most toxic substances for the skin.
Recently there have been more and more studies showing that air pollution may be one of the primary causes of skin ageing. Big polluted cities such as London, New York and Beijing are particularly affected.
Women Who Age Slowly Don't Smoke or Drink Alcohol
Women Who Age Slowly Don’t Smoke or Drink Alcohol
Smoking and drinking lead to all kinds of health problems and deplete our bodies of nutrients.
Smokers end up with more fine lines around their mouths and are more likely to develop bad teeth. Smoking also deprives the body of oxygen and over time can speed up ageing.
Excessive drinking can also cause skin discolouration, poor muscle tone and broken blood vessels or spider veins.
Women Who Age Slowly Drink Plenty of Water
4. Women Who Age Slowly Drink Plenty of Water
Youthful skin retains its turgor, resilience and pliability, due to its high content of water.
Studies have shown that women who regularly drink plenty of water have more hydrated and less wrinkled skin.
One study looked at the water intake of 49 healthy females who were then divided into two groups: the first group drank less than 3.2 litres per day and the second group drank more than 3.2 litres per day.
Women Who Age Slowly Eat the right food
5. Women Who Age Slowly Eat the right food
You should avoid foods that cause inflammation such as refined sugar, white flour and excessive dairy products; inflammation in the body contributes to the ageing process. At the same time, you should try to incorporate healthier foods such as salmon, nuts, spinach, sardines, and garlic.
Salmon and sardines both contain omega-3 fatty acids which are the ultimate anti-ageing nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids strengthen the skin’s outer layer of skin cells. They help the skin to hold onto water which leads to plumper, softer skin and this helps to prevent wrinkles. Omega 3 fats also help to improve the quality and texture of the skin.
Women Who Age Slowly Maintain a Healthy Weight
6. Women Who Age Slowly Maintain a Healthy Weight
Being too thin or too heavy can add to the ageing process. If you are underweight this reduces the natural fats in your face which may allow the skin to sag and also adds to the appearance of wrinkles. At the same time being overweight can lead to a number of chronic health problems which contribute to the ageing process.

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