Koffee With Karan 7: Kiara Advani recalls how she embarrassed ‘aunty’ Juhi Chawla at a party before her acting debut in front of Sujoy Ghosh. During the Koffee Bingo segment, Kiara Advani has check marked the box of embarrassing herself at a party.

Karan was in shock and asked, “You?” Kiara replied, “Yes, I have told you about this story. My most embarrassing story. This was before I became an actress. Before I debuted in the film industry.”

Shahid jokingly said, “We are not interested in that story.” Kiara then revealed, “No, but this is a (film) industry party. And this happened with (filmmaker) Sujoy Ghosh. I don’t know if I should say this story. It is very embarrassing.”

Kiara said, “So, basically, Juhi Chawla, she is a very close family friend. She knew I wanted to get into the movies. She had done the movie I Am (2010), which won the National Award, for which they had a party.

She invited me because she wanted to introduce me to the director (Sujoy Ghosh). She knew I was aspiring to be an actor. So, I went, I was quite young. I was having this conversation with the director, and it was a busy crowded party. He was standing here (made a gesture using her hands) and I was standing here and talking, and he lifted his hand. I thought it was the end of the conversation, and we should hug and say bye. But he was calling somebody else. And I had gone for a hug.”

She said, “Juhi aunty just looked at me like ‘what is she doing’? And I said ‘oh God’… That was awkward.” Kiara continued, “Luckily, Sujoy Sir does not remember this story.”

Source: Bollywood Hungama