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Man walks 3,257 feet with lawnmower on his chin for Guinness World Record

Written by on March 15, 2022

Video: Can you walk as far as this man with a lawnmower balanced on your  chin? | Guinness World Records

An Idaho man retook a Guinness World Records title by walking 3,257 feet with a non-powered lawnmower balanced on his chin.

David Rush, who has broken more than 200 Guinness records to promote STEM education, originally set the record by walking 656 feet with a non-powered lawnmower on his chin, but the record was later taken by someone who managed to walk 912 feet.

Rush said he walked 2 1/2 laps around a track with the lawnmower balanced on his chin, earning the Guinness World Record with a total 3,257 feet. He was only 7 meters — 23 feet — short of hitting his personal goal of 1 kilometer, or 3280.84 feet.

“I wish I could have finished those last 7 meters, but I’m happy with the result,” Rush said.

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