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‘Most kanjoos millionaire’: Woman with net worth $5.3 mn eats cat food, never buys anything new to save money

Written by on March 9, 2023

Aimee Elizabeth, who has a net worth of $5.3 million, refuses to buy anything new and has even confessed that she eats cat food to keep her expenses low.

A woman who is a self-confessed “world’s cheapest multi-millionaire” says that she never buys anything new and even eats cat food to keep her expenses low.

Aimee Elizabeth, aged 50, has a net worth of $5.3 million (Rs 38.71 crore). What would you do if you had such a handsome amount of money? Spend it everywhere? But Aimee is very tight on spending her cash.

Aimee Elizabeth

Aimee, a resident of Las Vegas, gives herself a monthly budget of $1,000 (Rs 73,000). She doesn’t like to cross her monthly budget and has found several tricks to save money.

“I keep my water heater turned off, I need 22 minutes to heat it up enough to get a shower so I turn it on every morning when I get up. I set it for 22 minutes so I know exactly when my shower’s ready because God forbid I waste another minute on that water heater,” Aimee told TLC. This saves her around $80 every month.

After her divorce from ex-husband Michael, Aimee was given the house in which she lives and quite surprisingly, Michael offers to clean the property for free. This helps Aimee save a few hundred dollars on cleaning bills every month.

She said that cleaning gives her ex-husband a free workout and he stays in shape.

Aimee’s most bizarre trick to save money is to eat cat food to save 30 cents on buying tins of tuna. Yep! That’s a whole new level of craziness to save money but Aimee confessed that she eats cat food that can be labelled as “chicken and tuna in light gravy.”

She also admitted that she has fed cat food to her human guests. She added, “When I go to these extremes I think people see it and it annoys a lot of them but I don’t care. It saves money.”

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