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National Dark Chocolate Day- 1st Feb

Written by on February 1, 2023

Oh the joy and delight that can occur when a tasty bar of chocolate enters the picture. National Dark Chocolate Day is here to pay heed to this delicious and nutritious treat!

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History of National Dark Chocolate Day

Dark chocolate has a rich history that goes back thousands of years! In fact, the first chocolate was consumed as a drink by natives in the central and south American regions where they would chop the cacao beans and immerse them in heated water to create a beverage. This bitter drink was often used for ceremonial purposes.

Its arrival to Europe changed the way chocolate was consumed, particularly with the introduction of cocoa powder and the use of milk in the process of making chocolate.

Today, many people are learning to go back to basics and appreciate the way that chocolate is in its purer, more original form. And National Dark Chocolate Day is the perfect time to learn more about and celebrate this delightful treat.

How to Celebrate National Dark Chocolate Day

Have tons of fun and enjoy celebrating National Dark Chocolate Day with some of these ideas:

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