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One brain, two faces

Written by on May 20, 2023

Frank and Louie, despite having two names, was just one cat.
He had one brain, but possessed two near-separate faces, each with its own nose and mouth.
Both mouths were connected to a single oesophagus, although only one of the mouths was functional; the other had no bottom jaw.
He had three eyes, but the ‘shared’ central eye was blind and did not blink.
‘Janus cats’ such as this rarely survive more than a day following their birth, however, Frank and Louie lived a remarkably long life.
He was born on 8 September 1999 and died on 4 December 2014, aged 15 years 87 days. This made him the longest-surviving Janus cat ever.
Cats such as Frank and Louie, born with two faces, suffer from a developmental abnormality known as diprosopia, in which the face widens and partially duplicates during embryogenic due to the excessive production of a specific protein called SHH.
(Source: Guinness World Records)

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