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Pond in dream meaning

Written by on July 19, 2022

Phoenix-area man creates backyard oasis with massive pond, fish galore

Ponds appear to become associated with the emotions within our existence. Water is obviously synonymous with our unconscious because it moves in the same manner that our feelings change. But here the land is most significant because it symbolizes the details and reality in our existence. Therefore we know the feelings associated with our general lives.

Ponds in dreams are very clear to see. Ponds often connect to moments whenever we look within our own feelings. Simply then remember the day before and find out with what ways you’ve been stuck in your feelings. Also search for ways that others happen to be searching in their own feelings and analyzing their feelings. When you can place some strong connection then you’ll know what the general subject from the dream is. Then search for other clues in other symbols

Water has long been thought to be an emotional and sexual image. The dream of a pond can mean either depending on the person. For one person the pond may represent inner thoughts and feelings while for another person it can be sexuality. Often the two are interlinked, especially for women. To dream you or someone else drowned in a pond suggests there will be challenges and new emotions in waking life. These are representations of a new beginning.

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