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SHOCKING! Naseeruddin Shah recalls being stabbed by friend in 1977

Written by on October 8, 2023

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah has opened up about a shocking incident in his memoir titled ‘And Then One Day’, where he has revealed that he was once stabbed by an actor friend named Jaspal.

SHOCKING! Naseeruddin Shah recalls being stabbed by friend in 1977, Om Puri came to his rescue

The incident took place in 1977, during the shooting of Shah’s film Bhoomika. Shah and his friend Om Puri were having dinner at a restaurant when Jaspal entered. Shah and Jaspal had previously shared a strained relationship, and Shah ignored him when he entered the restaurant.

“After a while, I was reminded of his presence by what felt like a short sharp punch in the middle of my back. I started to rise, wearily preparing myself for another free-for-all. Before I could move, Om with a strangled cry lunged at something behind me. I turned to see Jaspal holding a small knife, its point dripping blood, his hand raised to strike again, and Om and two others grappling to subdue him,” Shah wrote.

The veteran actor continued, “Om returned to inform me that Jaspal had been taken to the kitchen and was being given the treatment. He wanted to take me to a doctor but was thwarted by the restaurant staff refusing to let us move till the police arrived. When the ambulance came, Om made the cardinal error of climbing in as well without permission and managed to rile the boss-man, thereby asking the cops to be gentle with me. He was ordered to get off and after considerable pleading with the goon in charge was allowed to stay. Neither of us had an idea where we were headed but I prayed it was not the police station.”

Another excerpt read, “The bleeding had not seized, the pain was getting intense and these cops obviously had not quite understood the situation. After a few cursory questions to us, and some garbled transmissions over the radio in Marathi, we arrived at Cooper Hospital in Juhu.”

In his memoir, Shah has written that Jaspal visited him at his home after the incident and tried to explain that what happened was not “personal.” However, Shah does not go into any further details about the incident or his relationship with Jaspal.

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