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Teeth falling out or wobbling in dream meaning

Written by on July 4, 2023

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The teeth falling out dream (or I should say nightmare!) is a VERY common dream that people have.

Almost everyone’s had a dream about their teeth falling out at one point in their lives, and probably wondered what it means.

Turns out this dream is very common because when we’re young and we lose our teeth for the first time (our milk teeth to make way for the real ones), we’re scared. I remember being terrified of what was happening to me when my teeth started falling out, and it’s usually the first REALLY traumatic or scary thing we experience as young people.

So it’s no surprise that the brain LINKS this first experience of fear and trauma with other things in life that make you feel scared or uneasy. So that’s why if you dream about your teeth falling out as an ADULT, it just means you’re scared or worried about the changes going on in your life now.

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