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What is a meaning of dreaming of hair?

Written by on June 24, 2022

Hair Dream Meaning: When See Dream Of Hair Considered auspicious Know from  Swpan Shastra - When is it considered auspicious to see hair in a dream?  Know from dream science - Rojgar

Hair is generally a powerful symbolism spiritually. Why? If we turn to the biblical meaning of hair then in the bible Samson (judges 16) indicates the hair is associated with a loss of power. This could be yourself or someone close. Loss of strength can also be connected to your own inner thoughts about life. The hair itself is a manifestation of how we control our lives. We often see the hair itself as a representation of our own identity in life. The dream is about a new sense of being honest, openness and even your own approach to life. For nearly two decades I have been studying your dreams from both a psychological and spiritual perspective so please take the time to scroll down to find your dream meaning.

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