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When the husband and wife woke up, they were shocked to see the message on the phone, there were billions of rupees in the account, but then…

Written by on March 22, 2024

The dream may also come true! A husband and wife living in London woke up in the morning. But as soon as I looked at the phone, I was shocked. There were stocks and shares worth billions of rupees in the husband’s bank account. He thought that maybe he had hit a jackpot.Why do the rich get richer? - Quora

He was still in this dilemma when his wife also looked at her phone. Billions of rupees have also come into his account. Both jumped with joy. He could not understand where this money had come from. Called CA. But after 6 hours something happened all the wealth was looted.

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According to the report, Richard Warnock, a resident of London, has shared his story. He said that when he checked the account in the morning, it was surprising. Because I used to invest my pension in shares and stocks. It was very minor. This could not have yielded the huge sum of £11 million. But then I thought that maybe some stock had done wonders. But when wife Jacqueline looked at her phone, she also had billions of rupees in her account. We couldn’t believe it. Our hearts started beating fast. We have never seen so much money. Then we started thinking about where to spend it. We started planning.

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Jackie said we contacted our CA Ecova Wealth to withdraw the cash. They were also surprised to know the whole matter. He said wait. If there is something wrong somewhere, you will know. We were planning something when all the money went missing from the account. That means we became billionaires only for a few hours.

100,000 Mistake Vector Images | DepositphotosWhen we inquired at the bank, we found that the decimal point in the stock was placed incorrectly, making it appear higher. Now it has been fixed. After knowing this our heart sank. I am sure we are not the only ones to whom this has happened.

The bank spokesperson later said, there was an error in the intra-day fund price data feed received from a third party. Due to this this error appeared in our system. This happened for some time. We immediately identified and fixed it. Prices are now displaying correctly on our system. There is no impact on any customer holdings.

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If something like this happens to your bank account, then according to the guidelines of the Reserve Bank, do not spend money. The bank will immediately take back this money if the error is identified. If you spend even a single penny of this, you will have to return it.

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