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Women have not cut their nails for 30 years, people are stunned to see the length of 12 inches!

Written by on June 10, 2022

Weird News | Strange: This woman has not cut her nails for 30 years, people  are stunned to see the length of 12 inches News WAALI | News Waali

Woman did not cut nails for 30 years: Generally, cutting nails at certain times comes in our cleaning routine. However, in the name of fashion, many people sometimes grow amateur nails and paint them. It can be as long as 2-3 inches, but can someone’s nails be as long as 12 inches? This is beyond our imagination (Woman has been growing nails for 30 years), but it is a part of the personality of Cordelia Adams.

Cordelia Adams, 59, has been growing her nails for the last 30 years and now they are the hallmark of her personality. He used to like his mother’s long nails very well in childhood, after which he decided to grow his nails too. He has not cut his nails since 1989. Now she gets the attention of people because of her strange look and she enjoys it a lot.

Nails had grown up to 16 inches
At one time, Cordelia Adams’ nails were 16 inches long, then she has kept it at the same length after trimming it to 12 inches. She does her daily chores only with these long nails. However, Cardelia has trouble doing the things that are done with the tip of the fingers. While talking in the Hooked on the Look video in the YouTube channel Truly, she told that she takes the work of fingers with the imitations of her hands. Instead of nails, they take the help of knuckles or upper part of the hand to clean utensils or lift something.

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