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Brother’s Day-24th May

Written by on May 24, 2022

Brother's Day 2022: Wishes, quotes, WhatsApp messages and more

Oh brother! Have you got a boy sibling that drives you a bit crazy, but you love to bits anyway? Brother’s Day exists to celebrate that weird bond!

The bond between siblings is naturally very strong. Growing up together, getting into trouble, playing games together, the competitiveness between you. Perhaps you have just one brother, perhaps you have lots – today, it’s time to reflect on the ways in which your sibling has enriched your life.

Brothers might not be as inclined as sisters when it comes down to hugging, sending flowers, or even remember about celebrations altogether. How many birthdays have you remembered at the last minute and had to arrange an on-the-spot gift?

Of course, this does not mean that you value less the people around you. However, you can save yourself from embarrassment by just adding a quick tick to your calendar. This trick might even make you look amazing when you remember about Brother’s Day before your forgetful siblings!

History of Brother’s Day

Brother’s Day celebrates the family – specifically, brothers. Celebrated on the 24th of May, it’s a great day to let your brother know how much he means to you.

The bond between brothers is so strong and such a significant part of many people’s lives that it has inspired hundreds of books, films, paintings, poetry, and plays.

How many famous brothers can you think of? What about the Brother’s Grimm, famous for their stories? Or the Wright brothers, who pioneered the first airplanes?

Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis are brothers. Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb made up the Bee Gees. The Jackson 5 were all brothers – can you name any more?

There’s no doubt that sometimes brothers don’t get the fame and fortune that the above do – but this day is about making sure that your brother knows that you still think the world of him, even if you don’t always get along!

How to celebrate Brother’s Day

This is simple – it’s time to get in touch with your brother or brothers and spend some time with them!

Have a few brothers? Get together and go for a quick pint at the pub, or go catch a film together. Just the one brother? Give him a call and catch up, or pay each other a visit. Or maybe just irritate him a bit by texting him lots of GIFs, whichever you feel like.

If it’s been a long time since you have seen your brother, perhaps it’s time to get back in touch. This is the perfect day to do so. There could be lots of things that you’ve missed!

Make sure you use the hashtag #brothersday when you talk about the day on social media, and maybe you can share some of the stories you have about your brother growing up just to embarrass him!

Ideas for Brother’s Day celebrations

Is your spouse tired of you asking whether they can sort out a gift for your family? Here are some ideas to celebrate your male siblings in grand style (and without having to resort to the brilliant ideas of your spouse!)

  • Let’s be real: your brother might not appreciate a pink, heart-shaped card as much as your younger sisters. Instead, a gift card for his favorite videogames’ store might do the trick. Mind – do so at your own peril! Your sister-in-law might not be too happy about him spending his day playing Xbox. Yet, that will make you gain points!
  • Siblings’ trivia is always in the cards! If you have organized a family gathering, spice it up with some questions about your youth! You can find fun cheat sheets on the internet if you are not up for spending hours coming up with the questionnaire. Involve the parents for an even more entertaining evening!
  • Have you remembered about this event too late? Invite your brother out for dinner – or a pint! We all live such busy lives that we tend to forget to take a minute out of days to catch up with the people close to us.
  • If your sibling has forgotten Brother’s Day (and it will probably happen), a calendar or planner might be useful! It can help him keep his meetings and appointments in check while not forgetting to celebrate his brothers.

In the past years, you and your brothers might have moved into separate locations and meet up only during main family gatherings. However, this is the best occasion to strengthen that bond, find out how your brother is doing, and remember past events!

In case neither you or he can spare an evening (hectic lives!), opt for a phone call. Female siblings are better-known to love hours-long chat, while brothers might be content with a bare “what’s up.” However, secretly, they will appreciate a phone call and a chat!

If you are dealing with the most reserved of brothers, send him a bottle of wine or whiskey. Nothing better than a glass to enjoy by yourself while watching your favorite film after a hard day at work. And, they will be thinking of you – guaranteed!

This day is an unmissable occasion to celebrate somebody you consider a brother as well, even if you are not directly related. Moreover, if your sibling is no longer with you, you could use this event to remember the happy time you had spent together with your parents, friends, and other siblings. Whatever you get up to on Brother’s Day, make sure you take some time out for your family.

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