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Cutting nails in dream meaning

Written by on August 11, 2022

Dream about nails - dreams and their meaning - dream dictionary

    • The dreambooks give brief interpretation for the plots depending on

whose nails you happened to cut in a dream?

  • cutting your grandmother’s nails – health problems in older family members;
  • cutting nails of a pregnant woman – predicts easy childbirth;
  • to your loved one’s nails – means boredom and loneliness;
  • cutting girl’s nails – the emergence of an additional source of income;
  • to cut the nails of a young girl – means a temporary truce with an ill-wisher;
  • cutting your daughter’s nails – difficulties in communicating with children;
  • cutting your male friend’s nails – making an expensive purchase;
  • cutting your wife’s nails – means changing the place of residence;
  • cutting woman’s nails – means treason;
  • cutting cat’s claws – meeting with a friend;
  • cutting baby’s nails – means dismissal;
  • cutting your mother’s nails – an unpleasant conversation with parents;
  • to cut boy’s nails – predicts reconciliation with old friends;
  • if you cut man’s nails – this means moving abroad;
  • a cut of your husband’s nails – the emergence of an influential patron;
  • cutting off your female friend’s nails – an exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • cutting the nails of the deceased – means long-term rehabilitation after an illness;
  • cutting your son’s nails – means great joy;

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