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International Week of Happiness at Work (September 19th-23rd)

Written by on September 19, 2022

International week of happiness at work | Reality HR

The general opinion about work is this: no one wants to do it. However, have you ever heard of a week-long holiday that encourages happiness at work? International Week of Happiness at Work is a holiday that’s all about bringing happiness back into the workplace. If work is part of our daily lives, then one of the best ways to live a happier life is through being happy at work.

History of International Week of Happiness at Work

International Week of Happiness at Work was started by Maartje Wolff and Fennande van der Meulen, two Dutch women who started the company Happy Office in 2015. Happy Office offers a program that allows you to incorporate happiness into the workplace so that you can have happier employees all around.

The holiday itself became an initiative towards bringing people from all over the world together to be happier at the workplace. Happy Office’s main website for the holiday allows you to sign a manifesto to pledge towards making the changes needed for people to have happier lives in the workplace. By signing the manifesto, Happy Office hopes to help people be happier overall. Happy Office believes that by transforming the workplace, people can be happier in every aspect of their lives, including healthier relationships, exciting homelife, and great life experiences.

How to Celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work

Celebrate this holiday by signing the petition on Happy Office’s main website so you can make the pledge to be happier in the workplace. Once you do, share the webpage with your friends and hashtag #internationalweekofhappinessatwork in your social media posts and let your friends know that they can easily make a difference in their workplace by being happier.

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