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Marvel fan’s collection of Iron Man memorabilia earns world record

Written by on April 28, 2023

Watch: Marvel fan's collection of Iron Man memorabilia earns world record -

A Peru comic book fan’s collection of 1,548 pieces of memorabilia related to Marvel hero Iron Man earned him a Guinness World Records title.

Miguel Andrés Javier told Guinness World Records his first Iron Man item was an action figure he bought second-hand in 2007, and the release of the first Iron Man film the following year inspired him to accumulate more items.

Javier’s collection now includes 1,548 pieces, including action figures, statues, books, DVDs, clothing items, backpacks and more.

The collector said he appreciates Iron Man’s sense of humor and intelligence, as well as the hero’s human flaws, such as his arrogance and inflated ego.

He said collecting Iron Man items allowed him to form connections with other fans.

“I have discovered that there are many people who appreciate the character, Iron Man, as well as the actor, Robert Downey Jr.,” Javier told GWR.

Guinness World Records said Javier’s collection dwarfs that of the previous record-holder, Philippines Iron Man fan John Nathaniel Laxamana, whose total was tallied by the record-keeping organization at 351 items.

Another Marvel fan, Ireland resident Gareth Peter Pahliney, was awarded a Guinness World Record earlier this month for the largest collection of Deadpool memorabilia — 2,250 items.

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