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Meaning And Symbolism of Pigs in Dreams

Written by on April 28, 2023

Common Pig Scenarios in Dreams

Having this experience indicates the need to recognize a characteristic of your personality. If the emotions in the dreams are negative, you may need to acknowledge a side of yourself you consider unpleasant. It can be related to sloppiness, greediness, selfishness, and overindulgence.

If you experience the pig chasing you as a funny game or feel calm in the dream, you may need to accept something positive. Such a vision can indicate abundance, success, and a connection to mother nature.

Dreaming of A Pig Attacking Me

Such dreams are usually associated with negative feelings, such as anger and fear. This plot shows an inner conflict between different parts of your personality.

In this sense, the pig symbolizes a side of yourself that you are in denial of and need to integrate. When you accept this side of yourself, the conflict will attenuate and you will be able to hold the tension.

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