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National Microneedling Day-26th Oct

Written by on October 26, 2022

Microneedling is a popular and slightly crazy cosmetic treatment that involves puncturing your face with thousands of tiny needles on a roller. It sounds wholly counterproductive, but it achieves almost miraculous results. In fact, the results are so good the cosmetic intervention warrants an entire day dedicated to it. Read more about National Microneedling Day below and how you can take part in this skin-care revolution.

Learn about National Microneedling Day

We’d all love to have glowing skin. Unfortunately, that’s not always how it works out. Lifestyle factors, pollution, lack of sunlight, too much sunlight, acne, and pigmentation issues can leave our skin looking a little worse for wear. Nobody wants to look in the mirror and see a face staring back at them that looks like an old boot, but that’s what seems to happen.

There’s good news, though: microneedling is leading the fightback. People who get it benefit from smaller pores, fewer acne scars, and less annoying pigmentation that cause blotchiness and unevenness in tone.

National Microneedling Day is a celebration of how this technology gives people new skin.

The way microneedling works is fascinating. It’s wholly different from regular skin-care products, like moisturizers. It works by piercing your skin cells at the cellular level, activating their latent rejuvenation potential.

The treatment goes something like this: you go to your local spa and ask for a microneedling facial. The assistant will then apply some numbing agent to your face before placing the dermaroller on your skin – something that looks like a mini paint roller with thousands of tiny needles sticking out of it. The treatment takes about half an hour to complete, after which you can spring out of the chair and get back to your regular day.

In the hours after the therapy, your skin will look red and sting. But over the coming days, something almost magical happens. The tiny wounds from the needles incentivize your skin cells to become healthier. The stress of the treatment puts them into repair mode, helping them remember that they were once young and beautiful.

Healing takes a few days. At the end of it, you look dazzling. Acne scars appear reduced—dark spots under the skin fade. And even fine lines and wrinkles are less apparent.

Everyone comments on how young and beautiful people who get it look. Plus, it doesn’t even require any surgery. You can’t ask for more than that!

History of National Microneedling Day

Microneedling got its start as a concept way back in 1905 when intrepid German dermatologist Ernst Kormayer used something similar to treat birthmarks, scars, and hyperpigmentation. He noticed that applying dental burs on flexible, motor-driven cord improved his patients’ skin quality.

Over the coming decades, device manufacturers latched onto the concept, developing a range of tools that dermatologists and spas could use to improve patients’ skin quality.

One of these vendors, Vivace, noticed that it was getting a lot of love from doctors, patients, and celebrities using its device, but there was no official celebration for the technology. In response, it created National Microneedling Day, and we’ve been celebrating it ever since.

The purpose of National Microneedling Day is to spread the word about this innovative yet under-discussed technology. Everyone with skin problems deserves to know about the technology, how it works, and the way it massively boosts confidence. Just a few days after treatment, the skin looks revitalized. It is as though you’ve been to a health retreat in the mountains, but better.

Vivace’s primary goal for National Microneedling Day is to spread the word about the profound changes the therapy makes to the skin. Amazing results include reducing wrinkles, stretch markets, acne scars, and even active acne. But the public isn’t aware of the real power of the treatment. It’s not just an ordinary facial – it’s something extraordinary indeed.

Microneedling offers many of the benefits of traditional peels but none of the downtime. You don’t have to hide away for weeks until your skin recovers. Usually, you’ll notice a slight reddening of your skin for a few days afterward; then, it’ll feel a little dry for a couple of days more. After that, it looks fresh and rejuvenated. And it’s so simple. More people deserve to hear about it instead of suffering in silence.

How to celebrate National Microneedling Day

So how do you get the word out about National Microneedling Day?

First, you can go to a clinic and get microneedling treatment for yourself. The treatment is among the safest on the market, meaning most people qualify. It will take just a few minutes to complete, and once it heals, you can show off your new and beautiful visage to your friends and family. They won’t believe the difference!

Second, you can spread the word about what microneedling is and dispel some of the myths surrounding it.

When you first come across the term, it sounds a little scary. Why would wounding the skin make it more vibrant and youthful? It all sounds too weird to be true.

As a supporter of microneedling, you can explain these strange facts and how the procedure is actually beneficial. Microneedling temporarily injuries the skin, but long-term, it reverses scarring, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

You could also talk about how the therapy is utterly underappreciated by most people. There is still a need to raise awareness about what it can do.

Third, you could take a trip to a spa with your friends for a fun day out. Most trendy establishments now offer microneedling facials. It can be a fun day out. Plus, afterward, you can compare results.

If you’ve benefited from microneedling in the past, you could also take the opportunity to show before and after pictures of your skin on social media. There are bound to be people in your life who have these skin issues and want to fix them. You could serve as their inspiration.

Microneedling is a powerful treatment that we should celebrate because it improves lives. Beauty isn’t just skin deep, but how your skin looks still matters.

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