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Oh my luck! A man won 28 billion rupees in the lottery, but the next moment he became a pauper.

Written by on February 23, 2024

It is said that even a king can become a pauper if luck does not favour him. The same thing happened with a person. Won 28 billion rupees in a lottery. While he was preparing to celebrate, he lost all the money. The man who became a billionaire for a moment became a pauper. Now he does not understand what to do. How did this happen to him? If you come to know about this you will be even more surprised.

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According to the report of the New York Post, this person named John Cheeks used to play the Powerball lottery. He was hopeful that one day he would hit the jackpot. Each time he used his family’s birth dates to select the ticket numbers. Did the same this time also. The very next day, when he saw the result of the DC lottery, he jumped with joy. He had won the mega jackpot of 340 million dollars i.e. 28 billion rupees. Because his numbers were matching with the numbers given in the result declared on the website. Cheeks said I could not believe that I became a billionaire.Jeff Terry on X: "Powerball player John Cheeks denied $340M lottery jackpot  over website 'mistake' #NewsBreak Jt: I think that dude is going to win a  lawsuit here. State wouldn't want me

Amazing things happened the next day

Cheeks said the first thing I did was call my friend. He said, first take a photo of the result. I did the same. For three days my numbers were shown as jackpot winners on the website. But the very next day something amazing happened.Powerball player John Cheeks denied $340M lottery jackpot over website  'mistake'

The numbers were changed when the live broadcast took place. None of my numbers were matching. I ran to the lottery centre. But after knowing what was told there, the ground slipped from under my feet.

Well, you have become a billionaire…

While talking to the media, Cheeks said, when I showed him my ticket and told him that I was the jackpot winner, he was shocked. An employee jokingly said, Oh well, you have become a billionaire. No problem, just throw it in the trash. Because you won’t get paid. The jackpot winner is someone else. Cheeks said, after knowing this I went crazy. Cheeks’ attorney Richard Evans said his client was informed by a lottery contractor that due to an error in the system, his number was shown as a jackpot winner. Wrong numbers were posted. This was a mistake made by one of his contractors.Washington DC man who won $340m jackpot sues Powerball after being told he  won't be paid out due to 'mistake'

The matter reached the court. There too, lottery officials termed posting the wrong number as human error.


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