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Prime Minister Narendra Modi dived deep under the Arabian Sea to Pray

Written by on February 26, 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday dived deep under the Arabian Sea to pray at the underwater site where the ancient city of Dwarka is believed to have existed. While accompanied by Indian Navy divers, PM Modi also sat in meditation on the sea bed and even offered peacock feathers.Image

PM Modi is on his two-day visit to Gujarat which began on Saturday, February 24. During PM Modi’s visit to Gujarat, he inaugurated Sudarshan Setu and several development projects on Sunday.


While diving under the water, PM Modi was accompanied by professional divers throughout the course. Instead of wearing the full diving gear, PM Modi chose to go underwater in the traditional attire with a diving helmet to pray at the site. PM Modi also paid homage to the ancient city of Dwarka by making an offering of peacock feathers–a symbolic tribute to Lord Krishna who founded the ancient city.

Photos | PM Modi dives into Arabian sea to perform underwater puja in  submerged ancient Dwarka | Hindustan Times

While staying beneath the water, PM Modi prayed and also sat in meditation cross-legged on the sea bed while being helped by the Navy divers. When PM Modi was welcomed with warm applause by the experts onboard after he returned from performing underwater prayers, he said, “Sahas se zyada shradha ki baat thi mere liye (For me it was more about faith than courage)”.

Narendra Modi Visit Dwarka

After performing prayer at the site, PM Modi also shared images of himself underwater, wearing scuba gear on social media X, formerly Twitter.


“To pray in the city of Dwarka, which is immersed in the waters, was a very divine experience. I felt connected to an ancient era of spiritual grandeur and timeless devotion. May Bhagwan Shri Krishna bless us all,” wrote PM Narendra Modi’s official social media handle on X.

Narendra Modi Visit Dwarka

About Dwarka city India's First Submarine Tourism to Explore Underwater Dwarka City in  Gujarat - Nativeplanet

Dwarka city is known for its ancient connection with Lord Krishna. The city is also known as Lord Krishna’s Karm Bhoomi as he settled in the city after defeating his uncle Kansa in Mathura, according to Hindu mythology. The city is believed to be submerged under the sea centuries ago after Lord Krishna departed from Earth.

The mystery behind the lost city of Dwarka - Savaari Car Rentals Blog

The city was also established as the capital of Saurashtra by the Aryans during the Puranaic. The city’s Dwarkadhish Temple dedicated to Krishna was originally constructed around 2,500 years ago but was destroyed by Mahmud Begada rulers and was later rebuilt in the 16th century.

Unrelated photographs shared as images of submerged city of Dwarka - Alt  News

Earlier on Sunday, PM Modi inaugurated Sudarshan Setu, the country’s longest cable-stayed bridge of 2.32 km, on the Arabian Sea connecting Beyt Dwarka island to mainland Okha in Gujarat’s Devbhumi Dwarka district. He also inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of multiple development projects worth more than ₹4150 crore in the city.

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