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Since her birth, this 25-year-old girl eats only Parle-G biscuits

Written by on August 28, 2023

FOR this 25-year-old girl, Parle-G biscuit is everything. Since her birth, Ramawwa has not eaten anything except Parle-G.

She is the daughter of Yallappa and Yellawwa Guddadinni from Talakatnal village in Gokak taluk and has a twin brother. Their mother did not breastfeed the newborns but fed them Parle-G biscuits mixed with cow milk instead. Since then, the only food that Ramawwa has eaten is Parle-G biscuits.

Meet The Real-Life Parle-G Girl, Who Has Eaten Nothing Except The Biscuits  Since Her Birth!

She eats six to seven packets of the biscuit every day. As her parents are agriculture labourers, they can neither afford her habit nor her medical treatment.

Ramawwa’s twin brother Ramappa was also fed the Parle-G-milk mix as an infant but adjusted to other food as he grew up. Ramawwa stopped drinking milk as well.

Ramawwa said: “I don’t feel like eating anything else. Eating four-five biscuits at a time is enough for me. Parle-G biscuits are everything for me. I don’t know what will I do if the brand stops manufacturing them.”

Her parents said that their numerous attempts to feed Ramawwa food have gone in vain.

They said they are worried about what will happen once she gets married.

Lake View Hospital started research on Ramawwa in 2016. The hospital has made several attempts to feed her food but in vain. Not only does she refuse to eat food, she doesn’t fancy any other brand of biscuits either. Dr Girish Sonwalkar from the hospital said due to lack of nutrients, Ramawwa looks like a 10-12-year-old girl, however, everything is fine with her. Her knowledge is alike the other girls of her age. Dr. Sonawalkar added that Ramawwa needs medical counselling as she thinks normal food might harm her body. She would definitely adjust to food if she is mentally prepared for it.




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