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The new charm of rich mothers has come in the market, night sleep is dearer to the child, babysitter is keeping it from 9 to 7!

Written by on February 21, 2024

When a woman becomes a mother, she takes great care takes full responsibility for her child and nurtures it well. No matter what the world says, the mother does not agree that she should leave the child in the care of someone else and engage in some other work.Jenna Michele Blackley on Instagram: “Eight months pregnant and I can  finally take a deep breath (well, sorta… | Maternity photography, Take a  deep breath, Blackley

But an American woman is in the news these days because she says that she treats raising her child like a job, hence she sleeps after taking a break from work (Woman blocks baby till 7 am). So that she can always look beautiful.Newborn Shoot | Newborn photo shoot by photographer Jenna Mi… | Jenna  Michele Photography | Flickr

According to the report, Jenna Michele, a resident of Chicago, USA, is a rich housewife. He is in his 30th year. Last year she gave birth to a child. She believes that she always wants to keep herself beautiful. But while nursing the child, one has to stay awake even at night, due to which sleep is not complete. Due to this, fatigue starts appearing on the face and beauty also diminishes.

Keeping this in mind, the woman is raising her child not like a mother but like an employee doing a job. She takes care of herself from 8 am to 8 pm, after which a babysitter takes care of her from 9 pm to 7 am. The woman has hired a babysitter for her nightly needs. A babysitter comes during the day and takes care of the child along with the woman.

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Now if another woman takes care of the child, it is obvious that she will also take money. This babysitter also earns a lot. Jena gives this woman 66 thousand rupees as a salary every week. New mothers become so tired that they do not dare to take care of their children at night. For this reason, she often hires someone for help. Jenna also did the same. This midwife takes care of the child at night from Monday to Friday. Then on Saturday and Sunday, her husband takes care of the child at night.

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