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The student remained dead for 21 minutes, when she regained her breath, there were injury marks everywhere on her body, no one knows what happened?

Written by on March 18, 2024

You must have read many stories of coming to life after death, but this is unique. A 21-year-old student was living in her hostel. One day suddenly her breathing stopped. She fell on the floor. She remained lying dead for 21 minutes. But after her breath returned, injury marks were seen over various places on her body. She did not understand what happened to her. She confirms that no one assaulted her. Then where did these marks come from? No one knows what happened to her. Her parents are also surprised as to how all this happened.

A Kentucky college student nearly died of injuries in her dorm room. What  happened to her is a mystery.

According to reports, Isabella Willingham, a student at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, was taken to the hospital after she was found unconscious in her room on November 27. There were serious injuries all over her body. Because of this, she was kept in the critical care unit. After this, the story that the doctors and the student’s family came to know was horrifying.

New York Post on X: "College student Isabella Willingham suffers ghastly  injuries while unconscious for 23 minutes in dorm room — and no one knows  what happened" / X

Isabella’s father Andy Willingham said it was around 11 pm when the hostel director called. He told us that Bella had been admitted to emergency. She was lying unconscious in her room. When her roommate informed us, we ran and reached there. Somehow,  we brought her to the hospital. When we reached the hospital, the doctors told us that Isabella’s breathing had stopped for 21 minutes. That means she was dead for 21 minutes. But even they could not explain how the injuries occurred.

El ataque violento a una estudiante que continúa en el misterio: ¿qué le  pasó a Isabella Willingham? | Marcausa

Police said that there were marks of cuts and scratches on the student’s body. Her feet were swollen. There were deep wounds on her. Isabella doesn’t remember anything. She said, after I started feeling better in the hospital, I noticed cracks on my nails. Officials said the student probably suffered the injury after falling from her cot, but her parents did not believe this to be true.

Student found 'not breathing' for 23 minutes with grim injuries but no one  knows what happened

According to parents, falling from the cot cannot cause that much injury. Something bad must have happened to her.


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