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This is a unique marriage; Bhajan played instead of DJ, bride and groom came with batukas, Aarti before Jaymala.

Written by on March 18, 2024

To make weddings unique, people spend money like water. They don’t do anything for a modern wedding, but something different happened at a wedding in Indore. In this wedding imbued with Indian culture, the scene which is normally seen in religious events was seen.

A marriage in Indore is in discussion. Why not talk about this event, here instead of a bachelor party, a tradition of Brahmin feast and offering to cows was seen. Instead of pre-wedding shoots in Goa and hill stations, photo shoots were done in rivers, ghats and temples. It is clear from this that only Indian culture was given a place in this marriage ceremony.

The groom’s father, Dev Ashish Nilose, says that when the wedding date was fixed, linking it with religion came to mind to make it special. Only after the bride and groom consented, the marriage solemnized with plans like a river, and chanting of batukas (Yuva Brahmins). In this marriage, Narmada Aarti was performed like Ganga Aarti of Banaras.

Dev Ashish says that importance was given to the worship of Mother Narmada during the marriage ceremony. Five pundits from Itarsi were called to Indore for worship. Through this, it was told that rivers are the life of nature. We must keep them clean and safe. Because if it is not safe then nature is also in danger.

Under this scheme, the arrival of the bride and groom on the stage was accompanied by recitation of mantras by the Batukas. Amidst this chanting of mantras, the varmala ceremony also took place. Today’s generation is unfamiliar with religion and culture, so all this was new for them. It is important to give the highest respect to Sanatan Dharma.

Nilose says that the Pandits who came from Itarsi also liked this plan. For them, this was not only a new experience but also a lesson that being an Indian, one should not shy away from saving one’s culture and religion. Here the pundits first recited Narmada Ashtak. Then the bride and groom along with the pundits performed the aarti of the life-giving mother Narmada.


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