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In just 15 days, commerce student made a car that runs without petrol, unique features will blow your mind

Written by on February 22, 2024

A student from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh has made such a car, knowing about which you will be shocked. The most special thing about this vehicle is that it does not run on petrol or diesel. The student has made this unique car in just 15 days.NEWS 18

A student studying in class 11th in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh has surprised everyone by making a hybrid car. By making this car in 15 days, without the help of any company and the help of any mechanic, this student has not only proved his ability but now his skills are also being talked about across the city.

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Pushkar Gupta, studying commerce, had to make a project on the topic of cleanliness and pollution in school. Pushkar, who is interested in technology, came up with the idea of ​​making a demo car under this project, which can run on electricity or solar energy instead of petrol and diesel. When Pushkar started working on the project, he started making a solar and battery-powered car and that small model turned into a road-going car.

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Pushkar made a big car by collecting scrap materials. Solar panels are installed on the roof of this car. There are 4 batteries installed at the back of the car. This car runs with a motor and controller. The car has a seat for the driver and one passenger at the front. Apart from this, lights, steering, dashboard, and music system are installed on top. Pushkar says that about Rs 2.5 lakh has been spent in making it, due to which there is no pollution i.e. when this car runs on the road, it neither emits smoke nor makes any 18

This car runs on energy generated from solar panels. When the solar panel does not produce energy, the car can be run with the energy stored in the battery. Along with this, the car can also be charged with electricity like an electric car, for which a charging socket is installed. Once fully charged it runs approximately 80 kilometers. Apart from this, all its functions are the same as in a normal car.

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Overall, this car is quite economical in terms of pollution as well as budget. Pushkar now wants to get this car registered with RTO and by getting it patented, he wants to make more such cars so that more and more people can use this car and can avoid pollution and petrol/diesel expenses. For this they want the government or any company to support them in startup. Now Pushkar wants to meet Jabalpur Collector and show him his project.


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