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Interesting facts related to the holy month of Ramzan

Written by on March 28, 2024

All Muslims must fast during the month of Ramadan, but according to Muslim scriptures, people start fasting after the age of 7 to 8 years. To keep the fast, everyone remains hungry from Sehri (before Fajr Azaan) till evening i.e. Iftar and neither eats nor drinks water.

What is Ramzan

However, many people are exempted from fasting, such as pregnant women, lactating women, children physically or mentally ill people, etc. Also, women do not fast during menstruation.


  • Do you know that according to the Prophet, the first Ashra (ten days) of Ramadan is of mercy, the second Ashra is considered of forgiveness and the third Ashra gives freedom from the fire of hell.
  • In this month people stay away from drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, tobacco or any intoxicating substance.
  • All Muslims pay Zakat in the month of Ramadan. Let us tell you that Zakat means giving a part of your income to the poor in the name of Allah.
  • During Ramadan, people avoid doing all kinds of bad deeds and worship Allah with all their hearts.
  • Ramadan is even greater because there are many nights of Shabba-e-Qadr, in which one stays awake the whole night and worships Allah.
  • It is believed that during Ramzan, all the doors of heaven are opened and only those who fast get to heaven.
    Muslims break their fast with dates and pray for Iftar before eating dates.

Eid al Fitr 2024 - When is Eid al Fitr and important facts

At the end of the month of Ramzan, ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’ i.e. Eid is celebrated, which comes after fasting for 30 days. Therefore it is the biggest and important festival of all Muslims.

Eid Ul Fitr Celebrated With Fervour Across The Country

Let us tell you that on the day of Eid, people hug each other after offering Eid namaz and share their thirst. Also, new dishes are prepared on this day like Sheer, Kheer, Haleem, Dahi-Bhalla etc. and Edi is also distributed to everyone.

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