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Love happened on social media, man brought home a two feet tall bride, now facing such problems

Written by on March 28, 2024

It is said that love is blind. When someone falls in love, all his shortcomings disappear. In love, people forget their weaknesses and see only the good in the other person. There is also talk of crossing the seven seas in love. In earlier times, people used to fight based on caste and community in love. But now, some people accept the person they love despite their physical shortcomings.

Love happened on social media, people brought home two feet tall bride, now  facing such problems

A video of one such unique couple was shared on social media. This couple is a resident of Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. This unique couple forgot the height difference in love. There is a difference of three feet between the heights of the characters in this love story. While the groom is five feet tall, the bride’s height is two feet. Now the person told how they met and what problems both of them were facing after this marriage.

The love story of this unique couple is also unique. They met on social media. The conversation between the two started there. Within a few days, both of them started talking on phone calls. There came a time when both of them refused to live without each other. Both of them decided to get married. At first, the family members started rejecting this marriage because of her height but later the family members also lost in front of her love. Both of them got married in 2022. Now the couple shared on social media what problems they are facing after marriage.

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The couple said that both of them were married in 2022. When the boy was asked what kind of problem he faces due to such a height difference? On this, the boy said that he has to face a lot of problems. Apart from doing all the household work, one also has to do all the work of his wife. From taking his wife to the washroom to taking out food for her and bathing her, it is also his responsibility. But he loves his wife so much that he does all the work with a smile. These shortcomings do not seem big to him in front of love.


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