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International Day of Peace 2023

Written by on September 21, 2023

The International Day of Peace or World Peace Day by the United Nations promotes peace while ceasing violence and conflicts worldwide each year, the United Nations selects a theme for this day that focuses on specific aspects of peace-building and conflict resolution. The International Day of Peace is often associated with a dove and the olive branch symbols where the dove represents peace and freedom, while the olive branch has been a traditional symbol of peace dating back to ancient times.

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The International Day of Peace is observed globally on September 21.


The United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 36/67 on September 30, 1981, which called for a global ceasefire and the cessation of all hostilities on that day and thereby declared the third Tuesday of September each year as the International Day of Peace. The first International Day of Peace was celebrated on September 21, 1982, and marked a significant step towards promoting peace and raising awareness about the importance of peacekeeping efforts around the world but it was later in 2001 that the official date was declared as September 21.Premium Vector | International day of peace known as world peace day Until then, it was observed on the inaugural session of the annual General Assembly, the third Tuesday of September.

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