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National Book Lovers Day-9th August

Written by on August 9, 2022

Crack open your favorite book, visit a bookshop or library to find your next great read, and enjoy the relaxation and joy of being a reader and book lover.

August 9th is National Book Lovers Day! | CBS 17

From the scent of a rare first edition book found in an old time book collection, to a crisp, fresh book at the local supermarket, the very sight of a book can bring back delightful memories.

Reading as a child, enjoying the short stories, the long books and the ability to lose yourself in a story so powerful that at the end you are asking yourself where to get the next book in the series. This day is for the reader in all of us, the celebration of National Book Lovers Day!

History of National Book Lovers Day

While the day’s origins may be shrouded in mystery and rumor, the books themselves are not. Starting from carving on stone tablets thousands of years ago, the book was designed to make the writings and drawings portable for those that could not be carried around on stone tablets. Originally these written documents were made on parchment or vellum (calf skin, in case there’s some question) that was then bound tightly with a wooden cover.

Often the wooden cover was tightly wrapped in leather to prevent the wood from getting wet and had clasps or straps to hold it shut. In Eastern cultures, carved wooden blocks were used with ink to print out texts on cloth, as early as 220 AD.

In the more modern age, printing capabilities made books cheaper, and easier, to print. The printing press was invented in Germany in 1436 by Johannes Gutenberg with the original intention of printing Bibles. Of course, the printing press, the typewriter, and the computer all had an impact on the way that books were created, produced, marketed and sold.

But even more in recent years is the upsurge in electronic devices that can be used as places to read. Computers, tablets, and even most cell phones now have the ability for the user to read books, making it that much easier to carry around a small library to enjoy no matter where a person finds themselves.

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