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World Meteorological Day 2022 – Early Warning and Early Action

Written by on March 23, 2022

Weather, climate and water extremes are becoming more frequent and intense in many parts of the world as a result of climate change. More of us are exposed than ever before to multiple related hazards, which are themselves evolving as a result of population growth, urbanization and environmental degradation.

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Forecasts of what the weather will BE are no longer enough. Impact-based forecasts that inform the public of what the weather will DO are vital to saving lives and livelihoods. Yet one in three people is still not adequately covered by early warning systems.

Greater coordination between national meteorological and hydrological services, disaster management authorities and development agencies is fundamental to better prevention, preparedness and response.

World Meteorological Day 2022: Early warning and early action

COVID-19 has complicated the challenges facing society and weakened coping mechanisms. The pandemic has also highlighted that, in our inter-connected world, we need to embrace a truly multi-hazard, cross-border approach to make progress towards global goals on climate action, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development.

Being prepared and able to act at the right time, in the right place, can save many lives and protect the livelihoods of communities everywhere, both now and in the future.

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World Meteorological Day 23 March 2022, therefore, has the theme Early Warning and Early Action and spotlights the vital importance of Hydrometeorological and Climate Information for Disaster Risk Reduction.

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