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Hug a Vegetarian Day-23rd September

Written by on September 23, 2022

A lot of people in the world tend to believe that there is no reason that mankind should go on eating animals. And, along with that belief, there exist plenty of valid arguments to support this stance. Hug a Vegetarian Day begins by helping people to learn what living a vegetarian lifestyle is all about.

Both the environment and the personal health of the human body can reap great benefits from excluding meat and animal products from most people’s diets and living on all plant-derived food. Additionally, there tends to be a great deal of cruelty in today’s meat industry and this amount of suffering could easily be alleviated if more people would commit to avoid eating meat.

Hug A Vegetarian Day honors those who have taken this step to live a cruelty-free, earth-friendly life by removing meat from their regular diet.

It’s the perfect day to Hug a Vegetarian!

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