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Things That Will Happen in the Next 60 Seconds Around the Globe

Written by on April 5, 2022

A minute goes by pretty quickly–and a New York minute seems to go by even quicker. But a whole lot can happen during those 60 seconds. Here are some fascinating things that will happen in the next 60 seconds. Ready? Start timing.

250 babies will be born around the world

It might not seem like a lot for the entire world, but multiply that by how many minutes are in a day. That’s about 360,000 babies being born every single day. And of those 250, 113 will be born into poverty and 15 will have birth defects.

UPS will deliver 11,319 packages

If you break down UPS delivering about 19,100,000 packages and documents per day, it’s not surprising that the company will deliver 11,319 packages every minute.

Your heart will beat 60 to 100 times

While a normal heart rate range varies from person to person, on average, your heart will beat 60 to 100 times a minute, according to

Apple will make USD$70,466

Yes, Apple really does make $70,466 in just one minute, according to Time. Following closely behind Apple is Samsung, which makes $54,368 per minute.

Blood will circulate through your entire vascular system three times

Blood moves pretty quickly. In fact, it’ll circulate through your entire vascular system three times in 60 seconds, according to

You will blink 15 to 20 times

In one minute, you’ll blink 15 to 20 times, according to (And now that you’re thinking about it, you’ll probably blink even more.)

144 people will move to a new home

In just one minute, 144 people will be packing up their belongings and moving it all to a new home. In fact, “Eight per cent of the world’s adults–roughly 381 million people–say they have moved from one city or area within their country to another in the past five years,” according to

Four earthquakes of magnitude 2 or greater will occur around the world

“The gross approximation is about 4 earthquakes of magnitude 2 or greater in the world every 60 seconds,” according to Lisa A. Wald, science communications, web content manager, and geophysicist for USGS Geologic Hazards Science Center. “Most earthquakes occur along the boundaries of the tectonic plates.”

The world will consume 11.5 million pounds of food

In 60 seconds, the world will consume 11.5 million pounds of food. However, during that same minute, the world will also waste about 5.5 million pounds of food.

950,186 pounds of trash will be thrown away in the United States

“Americans make more than 200 million tons of garbage each year,” according to So, if we cut that down to minutes, that’s 950,186 pounds of trash tossed away each minute in the United States.


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