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Six pilgrims perished in Mauritius on Sunday during a religious ceremony commemorating a Hindu festival, as confirmed by the police. As reported by AFP, the incident unfolded when a wooden and bamboo cart carrying statues of Hindu gods ignited upon contact with live electrical cables, explained Police Commissioner Anil Kumar Dip during a televised address. […]

Near the Malihabad intersection, just a few kilometres away from Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, there is the only tree in the world on which more than 300 varieties of mangoes grow. Their colour, shape, size and taste are completely different from each other. Haji Kalim Ullah Khan, a resident of Malihabad, who is […]

This recipe of Dum Aloo is a little spicy, uses fresh ground masala and is so perfectly creamy too, thanks to the cashews. Dum Aloo literally means potatoes cooked in dum/closed or sealed pot. The longer the potatoes are cooked, better the texture and flavor. INGREDIENTS Dum Aloo Masala – 1 2” piece Cinnamon 2 Cloves 1 Green […]

Maa Dudheshwari Swayambhudham is located at Bhaldam Chatti, Soso turn of Lohardaga Road, Gumla district headquarters. According to beliefs, a stream of milk flows from the Neem tree here. Just by drinking it one gets relief from many serious diseases. Swayambhu Shivalinga is also present here, where people come from far and wide for darshan. […]

Have you ever heard Indian Holi folk songs? If yes then have you ever thought why the Holi folk songs are sung in a very different way where the stanzas are repeated multiple times and the rhythm frequency changes frequently? Let’s educate society about why Holi folk song stanzas are repeated multiple times and do […]

This is called true confidence! The lottery is considered like gambling. If it goes out then it’s fine, if not then it doesn’t matter. But a woman bought a lottery ticket and brought it home. She was so sure that she was going to be the winner. Then what, I took leave from work. She […]

Steps 1 and 2: Double Cleansing You may or may not have heard of double cleansing, a somewhat recent method that’s made its way stateside thanks to the influx of all things South Korean: K-pop (BTS much?), food, and, of course, makeup and skin care. While there are differences between traditional Japanese and Korean skincare […]

Bollywood singer and ghazal maestro Pankaj Udhas passed away on Monday. Pankaj Udhas has been suffering from a serious illness for a long time. Pankaj Udhas breathed his last in Mumbai on Monday, 26 February. Pankaj Udhas’s family has given this information. Pankaj Udhas has been the king of Bollywood songs and ghazals for almost […]

Be it East or West, astronomers have always tried to improve the calendar. Regarding India’s Hindu Panchag or Hindu calendar, it is claimed that it never needed any reform and will not need any reform for the next several thousand years. But in Western countries, especially in Europe, the calendar has a different history. Earlier […]

Singers Anoop Jalota, Talat Aziz, Rahul Vaidya Mourn the Demise Of Ghazal Legend Pankaj Udhas Ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas has passed away. As the country mourns the death of the veteran singer, the music industry and many of Udhas’ contemporaries mourned the singer’s death. Ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas has passed away. As the country mourns […]