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For those who have a tendency to lean toward the unique and bizarre, this is one day that will feed that strange musical soul! International Strange Music Day pulls out all the stops when it comes to going beyond the normal and opening up to a world with new horizons. When it comes to the […]

Celebrating plant milks that are usually better for the body and the planet, World Plant Milk Day is a step on the way toward health and sustainability. History of World Plant Milk Day Founded in 2017 by Robbie Lockie, who is a co-creator of Plant Based News. The idea for the day is to encourage […]

Why did the chicken cross the road? What is black and white and red all over? Knock knock? These jokes, and many more and given during a day of the year. I am not talking about April Fool’s Day and the pranks that accompany that day, but this for the comedy and wordplay of Tell […]

As India heads to celebrate its 75 years of independence, let’s date back to its significance, history and more. Independence Day signifies India’s long-fought victory and reminds us of the valiant men and women who laid their lives during the freedom struggle. India was liberated from the oppressive rule of the British Empire in 1947. […]

World Lion Day on August 10 aims to raise awareness about the plight faced by lions. Scientifically known as ‘Panthero Leo,’ lions are one of the most well-known and popular animal species out there. They are called the ‘Kings of the Jungle’ due to their arresting and fearsome personalities created by their great bodies and […]

Crack open your favorite book, visit a bookshop or library to find your next great read, and enjoy the relaxation and joy of being a reader and book lover. From the scent of a rare first edition book found in an old time book collection, to a crisp, fresh book at the local supermarket, the […]

The role of indigenous women in the preservation and transmission of traditional knowledge Indigenous women are the backbone of indigenous peoples’ communities and play a crucial role in the preservation and transmission of traditional ancestral knowledge. They have an integral collective and community role as carers of natural resources and keepers of scientific knowledge. Many […]

Happiness is contagious, so if you’re happy, tell someone! If someone else is happy, listen to them! This is what National Happiness Happens Day is all about. Learn about National Happiness Happens Day Cheerfulness is what greases the axles of the world. Don’t go through life creaking. National Happiness Happens Day is all about having […]

August 8 is International Cat Day — a day to celebrate one of man’s most common and ancient pets. They have even been worshipped as gods during Egyptian times. Well, it is not surprising, Cats are one of the coolest beings on the planet: they are independent, inquisitive, adventurous, have an amazing physiognomy, and have […]

Friendship provides a foundation and a ballast upon which humans can rely in this ever changing world. National Friendship Day offers an ideal opportunity and reminder to show appreciation and affection toward friends. History of National Friendship Day Starting out more than 100 years ago as simply a way to encourage people to send a […]